Friday, November 7, 2014

Jock Club / Søren split

My first recollection of the label Ascetic House was seeing Marshstepper for the first time. Little did I know that the project stated just now would be pretty much odd man out so to speak.

Jock Club and Soren are both similar projects playing very catchy house and techno-esc music. I purchased this at Austin's End Of An Ear (wonder of they still have that Blood Axis record..) before going to a fest. I actually put one of my Funeral Parlor tapes in its place and think Matt (Aunts Analog) nabbed it.

Anyways, I do enjoy both projects, but do not remember much from this tape in particular and both sides are 21 minutes each.

The physical release is on a black tape wrapped in weird paper with simplistic artwork the label seems to do a lot.

Side A begins with Jock Club. A very interesting name. The tape begins with simplistic bass kicks and high hats similar to a club beat. More sounds drop in from a synth with a lot of reverb. One can feel the fog rolling in and their buzz from their last drink. More progressions sink in and out perfectly throughout this side keep the listener interested and wanting to nod to the beat. There appears to be more than one track listening to this a second time but no track listings. Another one comes and another one goes. Listening to this with the lights off and with sunglasses on along with a nice subwoofer will make this side a memorable one. One thing in particular about this side I like is how cold everything sounds without coming off as a coldwave revivalist. This is very refreshing indeed.

Soren finishes side B off and I have been following the project almost as much as the A side project. One thing the listener will notice is how massive the tracks from Soren are. There are tons of different progressions and build ups to make your heart race like crazy. What I like about this side is the ever constant beats but the sounds are lushly sequenced together. You can hear a lot of analog synths on this side.

This tape suits its purpose very well. Making your neck hurt from nodding to the beat. The only intermission you have is to flip the cassette over. I recommend this to anyone for the love of dance music. These guys do it well.

You can buy a copy directly from me atøren-Split/196231437  because as much as I love reviewing physical copies, I must make some extra money for the holidays.

Time for work. Hope all is well.

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