Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Occult Perversions Southern Tour 2014 tape

This tour tape I received from Jeff of Distorted Visions on his (Fecal Dam) tour with Aqua-Eroticum and Black Pillar. Ive listened to the Cdr version plenty of times in my car, but decided to review the tape since I have it on me right now.

The tape is a clear shell with a black case and had a jcard with the projects and their track titles. Lets see how this sounds with tape hiss.

The tape begins with Aqua-Eroticum, and power electronics project I previously reviewed in support of this tour.  The track fades in with "I Dont Listen, I just Stare" and is some of the most solid material from this project. Very memorable and the vocals are high in the mix (higher than normal which is neat). The track gets louder and louder as well.

"Fucked By Drugs, Fucked By Disease" is the second/final track of this project and bursts inside your ear canals as soon as it starts along with heavy static. Definitely one of this project's more harsh and dense tracks.

Black Pillar, a death industrial (i believe), is next and is my first listen from this project. "Ritual Insufflation" begins with synths the drums blow up in your face in a mechanical fashion. Honestly, my favorite track on this release. Vocals can be heard faintly as well (may be due to the tape format). I really like how the track begins and ends the same.

"Ritual Fucking" is the last track of this project and starts off side B. This track is has thick-murky synths right from the get go with sporadic sparks of static. I believe I hear vocals, but could be wrong. There is a lot going on in the track, but is much less dynamic that its predecessor. I am going to keep my eye on this project for sure.

The last project is Fecal Dam and is straight harsh noise and its loud as fuck. The track "Milkshake Party" begins with a bit of static, until you are bombarded with heavy (for a lack of better words) and blistering noise. There is so much going on, but doesn't sound like an improvisation that many tend to do. Everything falls into place like the pieces were meant to mesh/collide into each other.

"Morning Sickness" is not only the last track for the project, but ends the tape as well. This track begins with soft static that reminds of of a waterfall. This track is not as IN YOUR FACE and the previous one, but still noteworthy as this relies heavily on atmosphere and shows, to me, that this isn't some random "pedal pusher". Again, everything from beginning to end seems rehearsed and that is what I am enjoying the most out of it.

I love this tape mainly for nostalgic purposes as there seemed to be something wrong with 2/3rds of the dubbing, but that is just how tape dubbing works sometimes as Ive had similar issues myself.

With that being said, I love every track on this tape and have heard this on two different mediums.

Another perk of this is the positioning of the tracks. Listening all the way through, the tape gets louder and louder and more involving with each track.

Definitely recommend multiple listens and hope to see these guys again. Go midwest.

You can actually purchase/listen here: https://distortedvisions.bandcamp.com/album/occult-perversions-southern-tour-2014

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