Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Flesh Vomit - Eradicate

I am not sure where I came across this project, but I know this has been an act I have steadily been following. I got this tape specifically for a review and my computer is dead so I will go ahead and do this while I can.

"Eradicate" is on cassette tape format and is J's first physical release. Speaking of the actual release, the tape has red spots akin to blood that looks spattered on a black shell encased in a black norelco case. The cover shows a lofi pic of a home on fire, which I find very cool. Also, the tape comes with a piece of paper that allows the listener to contact the man behind this compelling noise project.

Side B is "Our Eradication" starts of really slow and atmospheric. The wall of sound literally sounds like a wind tunnel, which comes off very peaceful to me. Soon enough there are different wavelengths going up and down. Hints of static breathes its way into the mix that gives me goosebumps. I believe I am hearing some low end synths. I could be wrong. They overall sound goes from wind tunnel to waves splashing (almost said crashing). What I like about this track is every sound that sinks into the mix comes in and out as if the pieces are taking turns while going along with each other if that makes sense. I also like how steady the static is. This is not loud and in your face and not at all harsh to me. I like it.

Side A is "Cadaver King". This begins with creepy sound clip until you are blasted with an astoundingly harsh track. Based on the textures, there appears to be many layers and can be noticed if listening carefully. I wonder what is actually under all of the noise. This track may be more prominent, but I feel has a lot less going in than its predecessor.

I like this tape because it looks great for a debut release and the noise made is already on par with many established acts. Not only will I be looking forward to more from this project, I am happy to announce of a collab I will be doing with this project under my wall noise project. Expect some dynamic noise.

Im unsure if there are any copies left (/50), but you can contact Mr. Perez at fleshvomit760@gmail.com and can hear more material at www.fleshvomit.bandcamp.com.

Too lazy to put sides in order. I reviewed the tape as it was. Enjoy.

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