Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Achromaticist - Expanses

I know nothing of this project. The story goes is I posted my blog on a social network and was contacted by the guy asking if a flash drive would be considered a physical release. I said yes as I could physically hold the music in my hands. If you think about it, its basically just like a cdr.

We lost contact for a while and I had given him my old address (parents house) and since I needed to come back and pick up some clothes/records, I found the package with this item.

The flash drive itself is metal with a lot of scratches and was very cold since there is no heater in the room I am forcing myself to sleep in. Popping this drive into my disc drive-less laptop, it shows 5 long tracks.

The first track of this project is called "Expanse I" and is by far the longest track I have listened to in a long time spanning at an hour and 38 minutes. Right off the bat, this track is very hollow and airy. Im getting an ambient vibe big time and even some drone as the changes (so far) at little to none. A subtle deepening changes occurs around the 6 minute mark, which fades in an out of obscurity. Some severe and daunting synths come in around the 13 minute mark and the indifferent nothingness grows. At the 27 minute mark, the track almost becomes overwhelming. Its like looking at the stars and feeling extremely useless. At the 40 minute mark, there are so super windy atmospheres playing into the black hole of a mix. At the hour mark, the track dies down dramatically.

I have unfortunately misplaced the flash drive to complete the review, but I believe this will be more than enough to give a passerby a hint of what this massive project is like.

Again, I will review any format mailed to me in my first post.

For more of this project, go here: http://achromaticist.bandcamp.com

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