Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aqua-Eroticum - Satisfaction

Aqua-Eroticum, a pervert electronics act from Nebraska, is a great almost unheard of gem that released "Satisfaction" exclusively on 8-track through Hate-Track Stereo.

The man behind the project was selling a lot of his material through a storenvy for an upcoming tour that reaches TX next month. I bought this along with other material in hopes to meet him and the supporting acts on tour.

I received the package and what stood out to me the most was the super limited (long since sold out) 8-track. A creamy white cartridge with a purple sticker (artwork) full of BDSM pictures.

I had bought myself an 8-track player as I have also been released on the medium and I must say, the pros outweigh the cons when listening to an 8-track, but that is something a listener would need to check out themselves.

The man takes no time in taking the listener through the depths of dusty porn shops and overall bleakness in "We All Have It". Definite synths and dark atmosphere that almost feels like the person forgot the safe word and now has to accept pain. Around the 2 minute mark, the distorted vocals come in followed by high frequencies that pierce your ears. And it only gets worse and worse.

The title track "Satisfaction" sneaks its way in with feedback and hypnotic synths that reminds me of someone being water boarded. Like the first track, you are bound and cant move. Just accept it and continue. Vocals are much more prominent and although they aren't audible, Im sure they are equally as nasty as the imagery and sounds.

"I Cant Take This" sounds like a boutique pedal being used and without consent. This is rape for your ears. This is the shortest song on the album.

"The Difference" is a more static than the predecessors and much more patient. So many different textures fading in and out and coming back. Like wearing a gimp mask, you don't know what is about to happen or how its going to feel until it has already passed. There are definite bursts of sounds on the latter side of the track.

"None Of This Is Real". A perfect track title to someone stuck in a situation they cannot break themselves away from. A rude awakening that you are not going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are prominent low end walls of sound with some light atmosphere and static. There are definitely a lot if thoughts crossing my mind through this track. There is no hope found here.

"The End" an electronic end to the assault your ears have just succumbed to. The blindfold is off and you can see is an empty room. Perhaps much more frightening is not knowing. The frequencies go high and low throughout this track along with the now recognizable vocals. This track could very well be the credits to an end of a film.

What I like most about this album is that when the music is over, it leaves the listener unsatisfied akin to a climax denial. You want it so bad but you're left with what you had in the beginning. Nothing.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking into some gross modern power electronics.

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