Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Waves Crashing Piano Chords - Young Mouth/It Wasn't Even Worth My Back Seat

In case you ran into this blog by accident, Waves Crashing Piano Chords (WCPC) is a Juggalo power electronics act from Rochester, New York.

When this 7inch came out, I ordered one of the limited Lavender pressings immediately ($4). I didn't wait very long to receive this record and when looking the physical copy, this is the act's most professional looking album. The sleeves have lyrics to both songs along with credits. The vinyl itself can be played with a 45 adapter (or without at your own risk) and is single-sided.

For those who do not know anything about this particular project, WCPC uses only a mic and fender guitar amp for piercing feedback along with vocals.

Playing the record personally, since I am world's away from experiencing this live, allows me (or the listener) to get a feel of what a typical live performance would be.

When the record starts, "Young Mouth" begins with people talking and what would appear to be inside jokes before you hear the sudden feedback and vocal barrage of some of the most un-passive noise out to date.  The lyrical content as well.

"It Wasn't Even Worth My Back Seat" starts immediately after with in-your-face(paint) vocals and can even hear some distress from the crowd. The lyrical content may come off pretentious when he says "STOP GIVING YOUR SHITTY NOISE TAPES TO ME" (also etched around the 45 hole) but I  am sure most acts in this particular style of music have thought the same. You can even hear some "ehhs" and "ughs" from the crowd when the high frequencies come rushing in your ears.

At 3:55, the record is over before you can let what just happened sink in.

This record is nice for more reasons than one. The short record makes for much more playability instead of the forced 60 minute sessions many artists seem to follow. Also, since being playable at 45rpm, I thoroughly enjoyed playing it at 33rpm. Lastly, this material is the best that captures WCPC's live set to its full extent.

For more music from this act, got to www.wavescrashingpianochords.bandcamp.com

Maybe send some tapes to him!

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