Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tanner Garza - Silver Eyes

Everything I have reviewed up until now has been pretty aggressive, but I also enjoy the more ambient side of experimental music.

Tanner Garza is an ambient project from Houston Texas and has some of my favorite music for this particular genre.

I received Silver Eyes from the man himself at a show a few weeks ago when he was playing under his wall noise project Servant Girl Annihilator, but let's not digress any further.

At first glance, the packaging is top notch. A professionally done cd with a case that, when opened, a cd pops out like a pop-up book. Along with the cd, there are also two photos that Tanner Garza took as well.

I listened to this album on the way home and have to say I almost wrecked my car listening to it. Why? Because the ambience was droning me to sleep. I say this as a compliment for sure.

Let's look further into the music itself.

The first track "Seven" eases its way into your ears and prepares you for the rest of the album. Throughout this track (and the entire album) you can hear snaps which add to the overall vibe.

"Horse In Berlin" fades in patiently and is has much higher frequencies than the first track. Other sounds collide with one another and is very meditating. Around the 5 minute mark, you will hear a much lower ambiance for a minute so the second longest track doesn't completely take you away from consciousness.

"The Missing Eleven Days" is my personal favorite track on this album.  Right from the beginning, there is an almost-tangible structure that goes on throughout the track. I find myself closing my eyes listening to this one.

"Lovejoy" is the next track and is one of the deeper sounding tracks. To me, this song sounds like something that would come out of a cathedral or any large room with a lot of acoustics. There is almost feedback at the halfway point of this track and there is a noticeable change near the end.

The shortest track "Shinji In The Last Episode" has a rush of different waves of sounds coming at you preparing you for the final track.

"Nine Tales" is a lengthy 14 minute track that finishes the listener off if they have stayed along the path thus far. More ghostly waves of sound and almost an airy background sound that reminds me of driving with the windows down. Around the 9 minute mark, a difference in sound occurs and is one of my favorite parts of the album.

I love this album for how patient the music is from one track to the next. This album can definitely put you in a different state if mind so do not operate heavy machinery while listening.

If you are looking for great contemporary ambient music with exquisite packaging, check this out and more at

Perfect to listen to with a significant other or alone over and over.

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