Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spider Labyrinth - Il Nido del Ragno

Houston's experimental scene is a rather large one. One can easily get lost in the city's constant rise of new (and ever current old) projects. That's a good thing.

Spider Labyrinth is a collaborative effort of Monica Isabel Sanchez (Tissa Mawsrtyassary), Sean E. Matzus (The Whitehorse), and Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus). I was fortunate to be able to see this act play at Sound Exchange in Houston up close and personal. For those who haven't heard, this project is a force to be reckoned with!

After the set, I nabbed a few tapes including the one I am about to review!

Looking at the physical copy, there is a grey tape with some painted colors one the white sticker for each side, which I like a lot. The tape is hidden in a small ziplock bag with the black and white artwork that include spiders.

The track listing shows as "A: Part One" and "B: Part Two".

"Part One" shoves you right into the the Houston based wall noise I believe everyone should take heed of. I sense no mixture of textures. Just an unforgiving-numbingly static that presses against the listener. I recommend listening with all the lights off in the middle of the night.

Side A ends abruptly and I flip to Side B to continue the wall of sound filling my room with "Part Two". I recall hearing faint sounds, but it was probably just a tv that was turned on in the next room. I even remember sweating during this track. Am I in the labyrinth as I write this?

This release is loud and also long. I think I dubbed two c-60s during the span of this listen (maybe one and a half). I enjoyed this release a lot. I recommend playing this at a reasonable volume while reading a book. I find myself very much at ease listening to this release.

For more information on this release and others, check out:

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