Friday, August 15, 2014

Hatespeech - Save Our Land

A year ago tomorrow, Adam Larbet, a devout klansman and apparent noise artist from New York, committed suicide. This is what was left from the man.

I came across this release on the infamous H8 Track Stereo bigcartel and decided to purchase this super limited (out of 5) white lathe.

I remember this package being stuck in transit for a while, but when I finally received the package, what I saw was a white lathe along with a clear insert of a klansman wielding a a flaming torch while riding a horse.

Before I continue any further, I will say that I am by no regards racist of any fashion. I enjoy offensive music and perhaps after this review, you will realize that there are much more offensive releases than this.

There were no credits to the dead clansman or track titles so I popped this heavy-thick album on my player and was extremely surprised as to what I heard.

The first side I listened to is over 10 minutes of wall static and what appears to be a faucet running in the background. Nothing racist here. The track zoned me out and reminds me of sitting out on a porch while it would rain.

Okay, lets go to the other side

This track is much more abrasive and harsh than the first one. I could almost hear metal scraping in the midst of heavy static. Again, no racist sound clips or anything.

In all actuality, the only offensive part of this release is the insert.

I really enjoyed the release personally and I really do not see the issue with what others have said about this guy and/or his project. If anything, it would be the same sort of ignorance a racist would have to judge this before even listening to it.

Judge a book by its cover if you wish. Enjoy offensive music for what it is and leave it at that.

The only link I could find was the man's discography :

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