Friday, September 26, 2014

Contraktor - Just Die Already

First of all, sorry for the lack of reviews. The good news is that I am moving in the Houston area. Basically, I am in the middle of moving so bear with me.

Now, about Contraktor.

There isnt too much I know about this project except that I now have two releases on 8-trk and that it is a extremely gritty power electronics effort.

My first recollection of this was randomly browsing H8-Track Stereo and buying one. I jammed it and was sold. After seeing "Just Die Already" I had to nab one.

The cartridge I have personally is on black (some cream white,grey, blue, etc) with minimal indiscernible artwork. I popped this badboy in my player (Get one. Theyre super cheap)  relaxed for what was about to come.

The album starts with "Godpussy [Intro]" which zooms into your eardrums fairly quick. More sounds drop in patiently with low frequencies. Hearing a lot of bass, which I enjoy a lot. Definitely some good delay usage.

"Fucking Die Already" is the next track and has a prominent distorted sound with vocals really low in the mix. Another short track like the first.

"Side A" is the next track is the second longest one. Feedback brings the listener back to life and the person behind this project twists the textures to his liking throughout the track. Near the end, vocals drop in and im intrigued to hear what he has to say.

"Side B" sounds like a continuation of "A" but is much more beefy sounding. Full of lows and mids with ample feedback. Desperate vocals end this one.

"Side C" comes with more feedback almost as if the man had his thumb on the end of a guitar cord and held it. Other noises fade in until it is overcome by this. More sounds rush in like a dam breaking and with vocals to boot. This is a perfect storm of a track.

"Side D" is a short track which reminds me of a transition to the next track as is just mainly feedback until the track is mainly over. A nice intermission track.

"Untitled" comes in with monolithic textures akin to HNW. The sounds bend and twist underneath the gales of sound. To me, this sounds like the closest thing to a tornado hitting a house. Unforgiving and unrelenting. No vocals can be heard here.

"Suicide Note" starts of really quiet. The patience one must have reading a suicide note. The anxiety and adrenaline one must feel while reading one. The track title goes with this very well. There are constant waves of sound similar to a heart beat and gets your blood pumping. Heavily distorted vocals are at the end of the track and startled me. Very nice.

"Side E" brings the listener back to reality from the extremely involving track to this next feedback induction of a track. I hear sounds that would come from a synth pedal which, normally, people tend to go crazy with, but not here. Im getting an obvious industrial vibe near the halfway point as well.

"Side F" makes the listener want to turn the volume down with the piercing feedback. The track gets lower and lower with different sounds. I almost hear vocals at some point but not audible to make out words.

The last track "Undercover Fag Cop" is an interesting title and offensive if words offend you. Right from the beginning, there is a structure a listener can bang your head to. This is the album's longest song (8 minutes). This would be perfect for the end of the first Terminator movie where Sarah Connor is running away from Rob-Swartz. The same beat goes on and on under it is overtaken by saturated feedback until nothing is left. The end.

I enjoyed the entire release. Given that a lot of 8-trks are less than 30 minutes, one can easily listen to this with no issue. I enjoyed this material as there is an apparent patience to the man's compositions. Starts off thin and ends really strong. I can see why people are taking heed of this project and would recommend to anyone.

In other news, I (Funeral Parlor) will be working on a few projects with Contraktor so keep an eye out for that!

Contraktor's material can be found at:

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