Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sacro e Profano - I

Anonymity. Many try this and fail. How far does one go to be heard, but not seen?

This cassette tape I received in the mail was through the blog actually. The person emailed me asking for my address and when I began to ask questions, I only received links to the material and shortly no response whatsoever.

I had completely forgotten about this transaction until I held it in my hands today.

The cassette and packaging is just as anonymous as the person behind it. Black ink on pink paper (out of 5) with a picture of a man who appears to be undressing a woman. There is another flap that has a contact email (who you would have a 50/50 chance of reaching) and the title of the album "I". This j-card is wrapped around a solid black tape with a black case.

There are no track titles or no way of determining which side is which so I will start with whichever side I can play first.

The first side starts very loud and very deep. This is HNW more up my alley to be honest. Very full and does not sound like radio interference (turn on AM radio for yourself next time you get a chance). I feel confused and trapped on this side. The volume is great too.

The second side seems to be more bass-laden that the previous side. This is pure wall and I have no clue who did this. This side sounds very buried. Like listening to this in another room.

I personally like this tape because this is the style of HNW i enjoy most. This tape is very massive and not super long. Also, its great to finally have a physical release mailed to me.

I would totally recommend getting this tape while its available at

**four flies were killed during this review**

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