Sunday, September 21, 2014

Future Blondes - Feather 17

Along with the Houston noise scene, there are more dance-laden experimental music as well.

I met Domokos (Black Leather Jesus // Rusted Shut) at the same show Styrofoam Sanchez played, but I missed his live performance. Why? Probably because I was drunk, but he was also hanging outside with us too. It turns out he was hanging outside while his music barraged the few listeners in the club on a Wednesday night. Even though I missed his set, I was fortunate to exchange a few words with the nice fellow and somehow obtained this album and a Texas comp tape (may review later on the future) for free. The least I could do is review the damn thing!

The packaging is really nice. There seems to be some sort of leopard print with the album name and artist title on the front while with his signature bars on the back. The sleeve has the credits and song listings and inside this lies a digital download for the record and a gorgeous white vinyl.

Side A starts with "Synth 1" that is a 5 minute track of what you would expect-synth. The track starts off very warm but dives downward and back up. Listening to this for the first time, I am not sure what lies ahead. Subtle noise appears as well along the way.

The title track "Feather 17" is a 16 minute track that completes side A. This is where I really enjoy the record as the kick drum beats its way in and then the hi-hat and snare which results in a wonderful track to sway around to. Vocals seep in and out with many different effects as well. The song builds and builds like any club jam should until its over.

Side B will be only one track that is entitled, "Fehe'r A Tuz" which spans over 20 minutes long. This begins with looped sounds while a catch drum beat slowly, but surely fades in.   The synths are very atmospheric and peaceful, which reminds me of the ending credits after a triumphant win or a happy ending. At some point, there is a transition that sounds like the music is spiraling out of control. The drugs have taken the listener too far and is experiencing a bad trip. I hear faint voices as well as well as more erie synths, but the dance beat never ceases. The track fades into obscurity and faint jingling can be heard. This reminds me of an empty bar after hours when everyone working is throwing empty bear bottles away (me trying to sober up that night).

This record is the best thing I have never heard from the city I'm moving to in a few weeks. I recommend this to anyone who is interested in the more dancy type music coming out of the city.

I recommend playing this to strangers to get the full experience. Because that is exactly what you do at a nightclub. Meeting strangers.

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