Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MPHIAT - Existential Crisis

MPHIAT is an acronym for Mr Potato Head Is A Tranny and the music behind the name is just as weird.

I received this and other items (tank top from his dad's job and a rad jazz cd) from Zack Dion who is behind the project and figured that its finally time to review this tape.

The tape shell is multicolored but mainly red and the case is pink (25/50) with cover that has a name-tag stating, "Hello my name is MPHIAT".

There is no track listing or sides so Ill work with what I got.

The first side begins with a kick drum along with cymbals. Vocals come in along with noises and super high pitched screams. Drums start clanging in and the track is over.

The next track is more dumming and fades out before I can write about it.

The third track sounds live and very noisy with a lot of harsh feedback. There is a clanging sound that Zack must be hitting something. The banging and clanging comes faster and the the overall sounds is very trippy.

The last track on this side is a spoken word bit i assume is from Zack and is my favorite part of the release.

The next side begins with a track comparable to WCPC regarding super high frequencies but with some of the most high pitched male screaming I've ever heard. Truly a track to turn the volume down on.

The next track comes in with a lot of atmosphere and almost sounds like low end guitar drone. The rest of the track relies on feedback and a wall of sound.

This is a perfect tape to check out this project with. Im happy to have received this and is my personal favorite material.

Also, be sure to look out for MPHIAT on the next Dumpster City compilation next year!

More trans starch can be found at: dion808.bandcamp.com

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