Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tangerine Dream - Rubycon

This is one of my favorite records I own. Its hard to coin a genre to this act as they have dabbled into so many. Tangerine Dream is a Moog lover's dream and Rubycon is ambience complete.

I found this at a local record store and was baffled I was not referred to this previously. I recommend purchasing albums before downloading them. You will get a very similar vibe like I have with this gem.

This record is packaged as a gatefold and released in 1975 (13 years before I was fucking born!) and the artwork appears to be the aftermath of a drop of water falling into water (if that makes sense)

This album is one song split onto two sides.

Side A slowly comes to life with gorgeous synths. You can feel the warmth coming from them. There are so many ambient textures zoning in and out. About 1/4th of the way in, a synth progression begins while others fade in as well preparing the listener for a musical journey.

Side B starts off really creepy with many different drones seeping into your ears. They become louder and louder until other sounds come in. Choir effects seep into the textures and you feel cold and overwhelmed. Afterwards, the track really picks up where side A leaves off and sounds really submerged, but safe.

This record is really influential to me. This record is way beyond its time even today. I would recommend this to anyone who is curious or has no clue what the project sounds like.

I wont post a link as their material can easily be accessed through google or any other search engine. The records are super cheap too. Maybe find one at a local record shop like I did!

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