Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ferveur Noire

Noise. Noise. Noise. Cannot get enough noise. Today, I'm reviewing Austin-based (or was) noise project Ferveur Noire.

I met the man behind this project unfortunately at his last show at Austin's Sux By Sux West fest. I gave him my first Funeral Parlor release (I wish I still had some copies) and found out the guy used to reside in the same town I am located (Nacogdoches). His last show was great and full of noise.

I ordered this tape a week or so after on discogs and received rather quickly

The tape itself is very appealing to look at with a nice insert along with artwork on each side of the tape.

Side A starts with "Saboteur" and it is quite a track. The track starts with some drone until the onslaught of noise attacks the ear drums. There are so many different sounds and textures coming at the listener, which really keeps one involved in listening unlike hnw.

Side B is "Distant" and is much more dirty that the other side. A much more patient track. The listener hear frequencies hit high and low points throughout the track. This track, if compared to anything, is like a vacuum. Being sucked into something until there is nothing left. The end of the track has somber piano playing until the track fades away.

This tape is short, sweet, and requires a lot of attention. One of many tapes I would recommend listening to while dubbing tapes in real time (me right now..)

This and other tapes can be found at


  1. Can't thank you enough for this review of a tape that i still really enjoy listening to myself. The b side was composed in TX when I was 19 before moving to Portland, and the a side is a 'live' set of just me in my basement in Portland!

  2. I appreciate the comments about how 'dense' it is while actively moving, which is what I always tried to do with that project, I don't really like HNW and it bugged me that people attributed that project to that genre that came about after I started doing this shit. I just really like Skin Crime and Macronympha and shit that dense but moves around a lot. You're awesome man.