Monday, September 15, 2014

Phoenix Diamond - Life Urge

Another Houston act, but not quite like the more noisy contemporaries. Phoenix Diamond is a very interesting project to say the least.

I was fortunate to play with this act at Funeral Parlor's first show. A woman with a veil over face with blowing bubbles. Very beautiful set indeed and stuck with me all night. I made sure I nabbed a copy to listen to the tape version.

Listening to this now, I am really happy I picked this up.

Like most Vulvania Editions releases I own, this comes on a black tape with what appears to be whiteout with the project name, title, and label written on both sides wrapped  in a pastel colored j-card.

Side A is very interesting. There appears to a lot of different industrial style progressions from track to track (no song titles to be found). While some songs are beautiful, some aren't and that's okay with me.

Side B is much more entrancing that the previous side. Listening bow reminds me of an old movie soundtrack. Another track reminds me of chimes blowing in the wind. Could these be field recordings? Either way, I'm infatuated with the sound on this side. I think I heard some drumming in the background on one of the tracks as well.

I enjoy this tape because the music is not adhering to any sort of norm genre wise. The project is doing what it enjoys. Maybe I enjoy it personally because of the synths, drones, and other neat sounds.

I would recommend listening to the on the front porch early in the morning while the birds are chirping loud.

Not sure if there are any more copies but check out for more releases that are available.

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