Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bast - Align

Since reviewing Vanessa's Phoenix Diamond, and receiving this through trade via Vulnavia Edition's label owner Joseph Gates (Black Leather Jesus/Reptillian Sexual Predator/Vargrwulf), I was greatly excited and intrigued what Bast would sound like even though I have seen her perform live as this project.

The cover looks like some off-color temple with ancient artwork along the flap that wraps around a clear cassette and looks like will be a c60.

Side A begins with a moderate amount if noisy field recordings. The sounds come off as very busy and almost gives off and industrial/factory like vibe. Even so, the sounds come off very ambient and find myself closing my eyes. The field recordings fade out while the almost saturated static fades in and out equally taking turns. All the sounds eventually become one wall of sound that would go perfectly with an old grainy silent film until this side is finished.

Side B seems to pick up where side A left off with the wall of sound until the side ends.

I like this tape in particular due to the sound accentuating the artwork perfectly. I am also a fan of noise on the softer side if that makes sense.

Vanessa puts out a lot of great material exclusively through Vulnavia Editions. Samples can be heard at

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