Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lists of some sort

Its about 10:30pm and I have to get up at 3:00am for work tomorrow and I decided not to do a "end of a year" list, but to make a "bands I'm looking forward to hearing more from" list instead.

In no order whatsoever:
Black Marble
Croatian Amor
Epee Du Bois
Frank (Just Frank)
The Frozen Autumn
Jessie Ware
Lorenzo Abattoir
Lust For Youth (if you go back to Breaking Silence/Chasing the Light)
The Present Moment
Riff Raff
She Past Away
Tollund Men
Vanessa Amara
Age Coin
Bedr00m Eyes
Black Leather Jesus
Boy Friend
Consumer Electronics
Deep Pill
Devin The Dude
Flesh Vomit
The Flesh, Full Of Black Sand
Force Publique Congo
Garbage Mask
Granite Mask
The Hague (please!)
Jason Crumer
Jock Club
La Misma
Lace & Collar
NASA Space Universe
Nocturnal Poisoning
Pure Ground
Rose Alliance
Sad Boys
Sete Star Sept
Sewn Leather
Sun Kil Moon
Sunn O)))
Tanner Garza
//Tense// (back back to texas!)
Tobias Burnstrup
Torturing Nurse
Trae THA Truth
Violet Poison
Virgin Blood
Waves Crashing Piano Chords
Xenophobic Ejaculation

Sorry if I left anything out.

What I want see less of:

1. Power Electronics with effects on vocals. I want to hear what you have to say. Until then, you're just another harsh noise project to me.

2. Projects being offensive for the sake of being offensive. If you're angry, let the world know why. The world sucks and I want to hear your perspective. Please.

3. People being PC with experimental music. If something offends you with what is coming into your ears, take comfort in the awareness of the subject material. Don't be scared/biased to listen to anything. People are racist. Rape is a real thing. Women are treated like shit. Everyone is a cash slave. You're going to die and there is nothing on the other side. Get over it or change it by speaking out.

3. Less opportunists. Everyone who knows me has probably received a "Thanks for the add. Whats up?" phrase from me one way or another. I want to get to know you and maybe exchange ideas with you. I don't want to split with you. That is if you're willing to be a real person and get to know me.

4. Less clicks and less beef. This isn't high school (unless you're in it then I apologize) or this isn't a Eazy E record (so much beef on his 2nd and 3rd records). Cut the shit, flush the toilet, and lets all get along.  

With that being said, I am intrigued how next year will turn out.

With me, there are numerous releases coming out with both projects, no confirmed shows, will start working on Dumpster City 2, and may even be starting my own solo label.

More importantly, I am currently looking for a better job so that I can finally catch up on my life being a grown ass man and being a better person/father to my daughter (miss you).

Take warmth in these words and look forward to more reviews next year.


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