Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trash Sceptre

I received this copy along with many others in september and remember enjoying this a lot so I decided to review this tape.

Tom Tindall's (Aqua Eroticum) harsh noise project Trash Sceptre is gross sounding as well as looking. On a gray shell wrapped in a jcard with a pregnant woman smoking on the cover (5/50).

Side A starts off with "Pregnant Teen" which seems to accentuate the artwork well. Then "White Trash" along with "Methamphetamine And Heroine" finishing off side A. This side pops in and out as if it were cut up into bits and pasted all over the place. This is complete garbage and I say that as a compliment and as far as I know is void of vocals. Its hard to decipher which track is from the next, but unless its in mp3 format, that doesn't really matter to me.

Side B starts choppy and abruptly with the only track on this side entitled, "Waiting For The Bus". Shortly afterward, bursts of filth run over you like a bus or a lack of better words. There is a ton of experimentation and pedal play with the apparent sounds coming out of my tape player.

If there is anything bad about this tape, it would be considered a good thing. This tape is a real good personification of the midwest I grew up in (Farmington, MO) and I actually like this than Tom's more known stuff. It goes to show that even filth can have structure or craft.

Also, happy to announce this project will be included in next years Dumpster City compilation.

This can be found on the Crud Archives bandcamp at

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