Sunday, December 14, 2014

Infirmary / Willowbrook split

I received this tape though a label trade (very beneficial if youre looking for new artists to release/stay away from) from owner of the Crud Archives label, who has been putting some intense midwest noise out this year.

I've worked with Willowbrook, but have no clue who Infirmary is so this will be an interesting review.

The artwork is very collage-y? And stripped down to black and white (49/50) that hides the all black tape.

Infirmary is on side A and its track is entitled "Makes Me Sick". The tape takes a while to begin and as I assume its blank (you'd be surprised how often that happens), the burst of static surprises me and brings me back to earth.

Im hearing a lot of conflicting textures in almost a sheet metal/trash noise sense, but almost rythmatic (may be the tape or the way it was dubbed...who knows with tapes). Its not taking much to show this is a blatant harsh noise project that sounds very crisp with static compositions and is almost refreshing. This side of the split has done its job (making me curious for more material).

Side B is Willowbrook and his track is called "Nothing Can Live Here". For those who have not listened to this project yet, this entails super thick static walls. Its nice to have something from this project. If one listens carefully, you can hear super slight changes in the static, but that is only because I'm listening with the intent to listen. Normally, wall noise will be background sounds for me. If you're into some wall with a nice story to the name of it, check him out.

The tape suited both needs for a slit. 1. Listening to some new project and 2. Emphasizing an interest for a project I know.

This tape deserved to be the first in the Crud Archives catalog and it will only grow from there.

Also, be on the lookout for the Funeral Parlor // Contraktor split next year through the same label.

This and all other C.A. tapes are available and in stock at

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