Friday, December 12, 2014

Foul / She Walks Crooked split

I enjoy splits. With these, a listener can check out a new project along with a familiar or perhaps two new projects at once. I personally prefer two different sounding projects on splits, but sometimes two of the same works as well.

I received this split from from the owner of Unlimited Drift at a local show. Unfortunately, my first copy was blank and now that I have a dubbed copy (kindly from the same man), I will finally knock this cassette out.

The packaging is a red tape encased in a plastic bag that closes with colored tape. I enjoy the artwork of the girl on the cover who is obviously deep in thought or somewhat concerned.

Side is begins with Foul with the track "Cement". Such a fitting title for a wall project. The wall bursts into the listener's ears and will get the feeling of being pinned (this is at full blast volume by the way). This track is interesting because I can hear some faint high pitched static but does not overpower the actual wall that some projects succumb to. I look forward to hearing more from this project.

Side B is Oregon-based She Walks Crooked with the track called, "Breaking Hours Out Of Change". Its great hearing more of this project and delivers exactly what you would expect and that is great wall. This is a rather interesting track honestly and has a lot going on with it. It sounds like the wall was made with field recordings with massive distortion. Maybe Im just hearing things, but there is a definite structure even though the genre literally brags on "lack of structure". The track ends abruptly and the tape leaves me hungry for more.

Short wall noise tapes are perfect to take it the entire time and even better that its a split. A perfect way for artists to market themselves to more people with the notorious limited runs noise labels tend to do.

If you're feeling some great wall noise, dabble in this if its still available. Buy from the respective artists or go straight to the source at

Also, with Black Friday and the holidays closing in, please buy music from starving artists/labels. Tapes make great stocking gifts and are low in price. Maybe even an experimental secret santa is in order!

Maybe next year...

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