Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I have been meaning to review this tape for a long time. Midwest wall noise project Within is wall static incarnate. I remember hearing this for the first time driving to Houston while raining and really wanted to get a physical copy. I finally nabbed a copy from Jeff (Distorted Visions/Fecal Dam/Within) while on his Occult Perversions tour.

The physical release has side A of the clear cassette spray-painted a cloudy white that looks pretty damn cool. The tape is encased in a black norelco case with a jcard with art looking something like the inside of a church.

Side A (Damned By the Living) is exactly what you would expect. Complete static. While staying true to its texture the entire way of the track and not coming off weak or brittle like a lot of acts can do. This track lacks any sort if beef or bass, which is refreshing as I don't want to be pummeled to death for an hour of wall (well not on tapes at least). The static may be loud, but you can often forget what you're listening to and not in a negative way.

Side B (As I Seal My Tomb) is a much more beefy track. The track almost sounds like the previous one, but with perhaps more mids and lows or just more layers. Aside from that, you got much more static and a ton on both sides.

This tape is great while doing something else. Sitting here reviewing this to has been almost painful, but has been one of my favorite wall noise releases I have received this year (believe me...this is the most common sub genre I get in the mail).

Google "Distorted Visions" for more info on this tape and others, but I am pretty sure this tape is out of print.

Sorry guys.

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